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June 19, 2017


...we call this "parking."


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Defense attorney to his client, the driver: "Were you surprised when you found there was not a metal restraint strong enough to stop a tractor trailer traveling at 70mph constructed to protect you from running through the building, and as a result, over the unknowing people seated at the table who were subject to the danger of not having the restraints in place through the negligence of the property owner"

Driver: "Oh yes, the property owner is a real dumb ass. His idea of a table in front of an unprotected window inside his restaurant is what caused the accident. Any word after you fleece them if they will become financially insolvent and close? "I kinda like their $7.95 pot roast."

"And what about my car? How soon will their insurance pay for the damage they caused to my car?"

When you're in a hurry, and there is no drive-thru lane,
make one. --Miss Manner's Bad Examples of Etiquette

A local restaurant has two similar incidents in recent days.
They are hiring again. I hope they move to a food truck

Some burps sound more destructive than an appreciation.the end.

The truly Canadian response would have been to apologize for being in the way.

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