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June 19, 2017


Man sets underwear on fire, prompts evacuation at Modesto Walgreens

Totally Logical: Modesto Police Sgt. Steve Hinkley said he’d had an accident and was trying to get his underwear off but couldn’t, so he used a lighter to burn them off.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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In CA, it is state law when a man reaches the age of 45 mandatory setting fire to his underwear is required for an illegal immigrant driver's license or shopping.

Perhaps an incident like this gave Elvis the inspiration to write the "Hunka, hunka burnin' love" line.

Or Bob Seger " The Fire Down Below ".

"Dude, this is Walgreens, not Walmart."

Moral of the story: use extreme caution when lighting your farts.

We can only learn from our mistakes. (PLATO)

When the man gave his account of the story to the police they responded by saying, "Liar, liar".

See what happens when you leave your bolt cutters at home.

Well that explains why the sergeant set his underwear on fire, but what about the other guy?

Time to change the jingle to "At the corner of Incontinence and Burning Underwear"?

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