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May 08, 2017


This is Pleasant Hill school.  It's about a five minute drive from State College PA.  This sign does not explain who gave it it's more popular name, but I'm guessing drunken Penn State students, although I realize "drunken Penn State students" is redundant.

-- Gerry Studzinski



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According to a recent scientific study, those snotty kids could be quite healthy.

Boogersburg School fight song.

Everybody'd doin' it, doin' it, doin' it...

You can pick your classmates, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your classmate's nose.

In all that time, no one - not even once - ever had lunch in the school cafeteria.

I graduated from Penn State, and we never saw this place. So I'm guessing this is a Photoshopped sign. The real name of the place is probably "Boalsburg School" -- Boalsburg being a small town located five miles from State College.

If this were a real place, every Penn State student from 1877 onward would be having their picture taken next to this sign.

R.S., it appears to be a real sign. A quick search on Google images turns up a few pics (har!) from different angles.

I'm glad it's spelled "burg" and not "berg," as in "iceberg."

Studz from Peru?

Why is it called Boogersburg? S'not important.

And their sports teams' nickname is....?

I'll start it off:

The Snot Rockets
The Boogery Knights
The Rock Pickers

Manual: funny!

Is there a 'not safe for lunch' category for comments?

Can we start one?

+1 for anyone named "Studzinski"!

I bet he wishes he had a dollar for every time his name was mocked while in high school.

Lol what a name. Funny.

Appears to be legit. No explanation for the name, though.




Studzinski is a Polish family name, comming from the word "studnia", meaning "well" (where you get your water from). So he could change his name to Gerry Wells, or something.

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