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May 01, 2017


The plan to ‘reawaken’ cryogenically frozen brains and transplant them into someone else’s skull

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Hopefully they will use a female brain, so that the monitor equipment will detect something other than a soft humming noise.

Slugger Ted Williams had himself frozen. Just think what would happen if this was done to his brain – we'd have the ultimate TED Talk.

Calling Rau Milland!

Damn - RAY

Igor like this. Igor happy.

Give me Abby Normal's brain.

I'm waiting for 3D printing to catch up to neuroscience

(Narrator) How many times has this happened to you? ('70's grainy video of man in workshop; repeatedly places head on shoulders, falls off every time)
You glue a frozen head to another body, but it JUST WON'T STAY ON!
You've tried glue, construction adhesive, Velcro, even duct tape, but that stubborn head WON'T STAY PUT! (Exasperated housewife looks at camera, shaking head) Introducing "FrankenStick"...By RonCo! FrankenStick is preferred 2 to 1 by mad scientists.
No more mess! No more fuss! Just stick it and go!
(housewife smiling; man in work shop smiling; monster touching head, neck, smiling; Donald Trump giving thumb's up)
Not available in stores. Offer void in Utah.

Two heads are better than one.

Mega-snork! @ Stixnstonz

Another way to get a head in life.

Nailed it!

OOOM magazine's top 100 people has Leonardo diCaprio as #5. Neither Donald Trump nor Neil Diamond made the list...

“People have their own doubts about whether anything can be salvaged from these frozen heads or bodies because of the damage freezing does,” said Caplan...

Not to mention:
Freezer burn
Lack of freshness
of course, the Walt Disney effect

Then there's the old joke about female brains listed at $500 and male brains at $10,000 each. Why the difference? Male brains are barely used.... ba-dum-tshh.

The bad news is, If successful, the operation will cost the patient an arm and a leg.

This sounds gross to me.

I would be willing to bet they didn't consider just "how" that would work?
The heart and the tongue work in unison as to who you are! Ask me not..,
How I know this

Neil Diamond for president..
Can Donald Trump do more than toot his own..
well nevermind

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