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May 07, 2017


A theme park in Osaka, Japan, is now offering visitors the opportunity to hire fake bad guys that you can pretend to beat up to impress your date.

(Thanks to funny man)


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I sense another business opportunity in which the female date is allowed to outbid the man, and the gang manhandles the man.

There are SO many ways this could go bad.

What if muggers get mugged while mugging the muggee?

I remember this was the plot of one of Donald Sobol's "Two Minute Mysteries" stories. A sand-kicked-in-the-face type was out with his girlfriend when Mr. Suave Muscles came up and made a few suggestive remarks to her. Our hapless hero took off his eyeglasses and put them in his breast pocket, got into a full-scale fistfight with the other guy, and emerged victorious to save his girlfriend's honor. He calmly retrieved his glasses and returned to her, and of course she now had him on a pedestal. Until our world-famous detective, who had observed the whole thing, pointed out to her that had it been a real fistfight his eyeglasses would have been smashed to ruins.

This did not work in either version of "Westworld". In fact, in the original, it ended with Yul Brynner getting ticked off at you, which never ends well. More thought needed here.

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