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May 14, 2017


Minister seeks to steer Slovakia past a ‘lasagne of evil’

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Corn Dog of Evil seems more appropriate to me.

I picture the Lasagne of Evil ss a Food Network crime syndicate consisting of Giada, Mario Batali, and the Barefoot Contessa, with Paula Deen as enforcer.

But, I bet it would taste DELICIOUS!

And it's not just a simple, obvious evil. It has many layers.

^ Oh, crap; that's exactly what the article means. Not a literal lasagna. I really should click on every headline before commenting.

Unless it contains the word "squirrels." Then we know it's about fluffy-tailed little terrorist bastards.

Food fight!

If it's only a mild unrest, it could be the Turducken of Evil.

If you don't like the lasagna, try the Calzone!

And have some Pepto handy, just in case.

What? Who writes this stuff?

You made your lasagne, now you have to lie on it.

-Slovakian proverb

If that minister wanted to steer Slovakia past a "haggis of evil" this might start to make sense.

We served lasagna at our rehearsal dinner.
Admittedly, I started off with an evil bent but it seems it seems to have worked its way to being something pretty good after a quarter century

Sounds like Dante's fourth serving from Hell.

My life is like cantaloupe.

"Tonight on 'Hell's Kitchen': The lasagna of evil!

" The fiery, gut-wrenching chili con carne of evil " has some metaphoric merit, if you're considering the delay of a day or two.

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