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May 03, 2017


Putin is planting 'mole nukes' in the sea to drown America in huge tsunami, Russian claims

(Thanks to Chris Johnson)


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Nuclear moles? I am fighting them in my garden, not very successful though, they are Russian most likely.

This will surely take out the missiles in North Dakota.

A fellow bloglit recommended the book Operation Mincemeat by Ben Macintyre and I've getting toward the end. (great book - recommend!)

So I've gotta say that this fellow sounds like he's planting some false intelligence. He certainly has a load of fertilizer to go with it.

I think the guy who came up with this theory also attends a lot of UFO and bigfoot conventions. And he believes in the big underground alien base beneath Roswell, New Mexico that has tunnels to Area 51 in Nevada.

Aren't moles just hairless squirrels?

There's no way to drown America with nukes, but Florida is easy.

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