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May 05, 2017


Man trapped in penis ring for ‘a couple of days’ cut free by firefighters


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“To put it in layman’s terms, he tried to put his veg in the ring as well but it stopped the circulation and became stuck”

Which layman?

Can't fix stupid.

I saw the Man Cried U.N.C.L.E. episode, Man Trapped In Penis Rig

The firemen used a METAL GRINDER to remove the penis ring? A chainsaw would possibly have done the job just as well.

I've had to help remove a couple of these in the emergency room. We usually sedated the men before whipping out the metal grinder. We also prayed the doctor didn't sneeze or get the hiccups while using the grinder. I hope that makes you feel better Le Petomane.

Allow to weigh in here with a discretely bellowed OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

PS: !

I think this would be the Second Ring of Hell-Lust

@nursecindy-If the guy hadn't gone to an ER and just left the ring on, wouldn't his penis have dropped off by itself in a few days. And the results been the same?

nursecindy said "whipping out" - *snork*.

I bet if the firemen had pulled out the big bolt cutters this guy would have had no problem removing it himself.

Somewhere, there's an Audi with only half an insignia.

Le Petomane eventually he would have developed a necrosis and the appendage would have turned a nasty ...... I mean, yes it would have fallen off.

I'm fairly certain that this is not the "burning ring of fire" sung about by Johnny Cash...although I'm pretty sure it felt the same.

EEk! Scared to click... what exactly did the firemen "cut free"?

Looked like Grandpa Smurf by the third day.

Not sure I like hearing the words cut and penis used in the same sentence

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