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May 08, 2017


I, therefore, juxtapose feminist posthumanist theories and feminist food studies scholarship to demonstrate how eastern fox squirrels are subjected to gendered, racialized, and speciesist thinking in the popular news media as a result of their feeding/eating practices, their unique and unfixed spatial arrangements in the greater Los Angeles region, and the western, modernist human frame through which humans interpret these actions.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko, Joanne Fineberg and maryann)


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My, oh my, the sidebar of the linked page contains links to other articles that could be fodder for this blog.

If you link to the full article you'll find that you can purchase 30-day access to the full article for only 288 USD (US Dollars, I assume). I think I'll pass.

Maybe it's just me but the Chinese translation made more sense than the English translation. I think they want a study on Eastern Red squirrels. It's too early for all them big words.

I subject them to that too, but I think it's a good idea.

Speciesism? Watch for a marriage equality push soon.

You just go right on and do that. It's a free country.

This is your brain, This is your brain on squirrels.

I know, nuts, isn't it>

Red squirrels? Off course, I always knew thew were communists.!

First Jeff Meyerson tricks me into clicking a frightening nursecindy link. Now after trying to understand this headline, I know this is a good day to build strong bones.

The article is . . . squirrely.

Or, as LAPD would demonstrate:

*Blam!* *Blam!*

"Suspect is down! Repeat. Suspect is down!"

"Step away from that thesaurus, now!

Someone needs a stick pony.

More proof that the teaching of Sociology must be banned everywhere.

So, they're pro-squirrel?

Yes we do have it pretty cushy in academia but having to read things like this sort of balances it out guys. Pass the bleach.

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