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May 15, 2017


Ex-NYPD cop is naked man in Florida dead-shark hump photo mystery, reporter says

(Thanks to Ralph)


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So it wasn't Donald Trump?

"Dead shark hump photo"

I believe this may be the first time those words have been used together in one sentence.

I think the reporter is making an unfair judgment. Who's to say the shark humper was not already naked, and just slipped and fell...? I think that's a pretty big ASSumption.

P.p.s. - After closer review, the tan lines support her theory. Also, I wish I hadn't done a closer review.
P.s. - My Auto-correct changes "humper" to "humor"...Coincidence?

Time to start a foundation to stop all this shark humping.

This is a cover-up, or it should be! Ow, my eyes....

I'm wondering if Ted McGinley is somehow behind this...? (Google it)

Maybe if Fonzie had tried humping the shark, Happy Days would a) have new meaning and b) still be on the air.

people with shark people, whatever those people would be called

I believe the term he's searching for is "Shark Biologist."

(Yeah, that was really hard.)

Calling George Costanza!

You can only perform this act on Wednesdays.

I saw Dead Shark Hump open for Country Joe and the Fish.

That has to be one of the whitest heinies I've every seen and believe me, I've seen a lot of heinies.

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