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May 09, 2017


Dodge City penis pump maker to pay $1 million over fraud claims

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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That sucks.

Or perhaps not?

Someone else can take the depositions for this one, thanks.

Anyway, the suit may have no merit. They're probably just jerking his chain.

Welcome to your IRS audit. In your affidavit you state you are a professional Python trainer and you use your Penis Pump to train, as you stated, "the livelihood of your moneymaker?" Well, in that case...

Class action? Asking for a friend.

That's not my bag, baby.....

"Medicare no longer covers such supplies."

So, penis pumps used to be covered? Wow.

I'm going to take a wide stance on this issue!

We are here to (not) pump you up!

Holy Gunsmoke!

Penis pump? In my day we called 'em Hoovers.

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