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May 04, 2017


Think again.

(Thanks to mezrap)


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I wish my mother was still around, because she'd love getting one of these. And I'd have been far enough away (2,500 miles) to give it to her.

Note: The cost to 'lighten' one's hiney is more than to clean it.
Bien sur!

I love how marketing works. Maybe this will relieve the feeling of inadequacy that nobody had until just now.

Life is like clicking links on this blog, you never know what you're gonna get.

"the whitening formula"? What the hell?

They could probably tie this in to those Montana mules in the other article.

My mom was Irish and my dad is Scottish. I don't need any type of lightening agent unless I suddenly get the urge to glow in the dark. Also, moms like flowers but if you want to be her favorite kid get her jewelry.

"Passion fruit" *snork*

I'll just keep using my Dremel.
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