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May 16, 2017


The RompHim

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "Hell no!") (Also thanks to James Flynn, who sent another version,)


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A suitcase of Bud Light and a RompHim; perfect together.

Maybe if I lost a bet

"Usually we ask you to undress and put on this hospital gown, but in your case don't bother."

Dave, they come in blue. When Jeff sent this to me this morning I told him he'd look nice in the polka dot suit. If a guy showed up in one of these on a first date with me it would definitely be a deal breaker.

"Summer" Pajamas? How stylish, nerdish, and No!

KickStarter? I can give him a good kick, until he starts running away.

Kolo is right. If any man showed up in Texas wearing one of these stupid outfits they would be kickStarted straight to the moon.

Isn't there a risk of potential moose knuckles for the guys wearing this contraption

They look more fitted and less comfortable than the spacious full-length jumpsuits favored by some male retirees around here. Not to be confused with the baggy orange one-piecers issued to inmates.

I'm holding out until these make a comeback.

I'm pretty sure Wham! already did it.

You wouldn't see Pat Sanskrit in doodles.

Who would have ever guessed that M.C. Hammer would be a trendsetter?

"... The crowd loved it!". And we gauged their love based on the amount of pointing and laughing until tears came from their eyes and drool came out of their open mouths. SIGNIFICANT love.

When I was just a poor boy living on a farm we called these 'potato sacks'.

@ImNotDave - I think we can safely say that your potato sacks were way more flattering than these things. Probably a lot roomier in the nether regions, too.

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