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May 16, 2017


Lucy and I encountered this squirrel during our morning walk. The squirrel is trying to look cute and harmless, but Lucy and I were not fooled.



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Our neighborhood is a little rougher. This guy was set up by the bus stop.

I think his name is Che

Seeing this didn't remind anyone of Dwight Yoakum?

Be glad you two made it out alive. That could have just been the diversionary squirrel.

Every year thousands of people simply go missing without any trace. All areas where this occurs has squirrels. Coincidence? I think not!

Downward squirrel yoga positioon.

(Thirty minutes later, Dave and Lucy get back from their walk, only to find someone has beaten them home... And locked them out)
Dave - "Open the patio door, Pal"
Squirrel (inside, on sofa, chattering) - "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that..."
(Cue eerie music)

Is that squirrel showing his horns ?

I went outside this morning and there were about 10 squirrels in my back yard. My first thought was the squirrel invasion has started. I told them if anybody chewed through any wires on my car I was going to be wearing a squirrel skin coat this winter.

itsa tree rabbit!

Many years ago, my sight-impaired sister took pity on a squirrel she saw on her porch. She started putting food out.

A sighted friend came over and informed her that what she thought was a cute squirrel was actually a rather plump rat.

As the little brother, I can never let her forget the incident.

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