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May 18, 2017


Randy Russian Tourists Only ‘Dirty Dancing’ In Back Of Tuk Tuk

Although reportedly there was some ta-ta flashing in the tuk tuk.

This has been The News From Phuket.

(Thanks to manual tomato)


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Oh, Phuket.

No tucking in in the tuktuk.

Amazing. But where do you find 500 bats nowdays? And why must you pay in bats? What? Oh, nevermind.

As seen from an At-At?

You just want to have a little fun and someone's always trying to Phuket up.

Are they sure there was no chitty-chitty-bang-bang going on there? No hanky-panky? A little wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, maybe? Any boom-shacka-lacka-lacka? How about hooga-chaka? Hard to miss hooga-chaka.

Whew. Hot in here today.

Police said such behaviour isn’t acceptable and it tarnishes Thailand’s reputation and tourists visiting Phuket should be respectful of traditions and culture.

Then change the daggone name, dummies.

A Thai baht is worth, as of today, .029 cents to the dollar. I would have happily given the cops $14.50 to forget the matter and if anyone ever mentioned going to Thailand again, I'd remember Phucket and forget it.

What else are you supposed to do on Bangla Road in Patong?

I tooka tooka tooka ... ahem. Sorry. Almost ran away with me there.

I took a tuk-tuk a lot in Bangkok recently. Certainly an adventure, but not as much of one as trying to walk across 4-lane road with 9 lanes of traffic and no traffic light.

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