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May 08, 2017


It's here.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Send them to Washington!

Look up "Prancercise" on U-Tube.

Yeah, what ever happened to that Prancercise weirdo, I mean woman?

Is that what is called a tickle stick?

The saddest thing I think I've ever seen was when a stick pony came up lame during an event and had to be put down (I believe it was suffering from splinters). The stick doctor came out, gave the stick a sedative to calm it, then humanely put it out of its misery and tossed it on the kindling pile. Not a dry eye in the house, my fellow stick-questrians.

Still more of a sport than curling.

Just wait until someone steals a prized Hobbyhorse and demands a huge ransom.

Can't imagine why more men don't participate.

One of these would have totally changed the tone and story of The Godfather.

Some girls turn to the dark Side, graduate from stick horses to using flying brooms and eventually become mother-in-laws.

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