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May 19, 2017


School Suddenly Finds Itself Covered In Dead Fish In Middle Of The Day – And No One Knows Why

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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For once, the fishes sleep with the victims.

It's because that git Lister has been having solid hallucinations again. You'd better take cover before the Mayor of Warsaw combusts.

Because it's Fry Day and they're Catholic?

Its always good when a building finds itself.

There's something fishy about this incident.

Where did the loaves go? Complain to the Ministry of Magic.

The cafeteria daily special wasn't as popular as the chef had hoped.

Rejected plot line for the Paul Newman sequel movie " Somebody Up There Doesn't Like Me. "

I just remembered a fish fall was in an episode of the TV show, Fargo. The show was produced by the Coen Brothers who we know to be consistently truthful and totally honest, so we know fish falling from the sky can happen.

Someone didn't learn the first lesson of broadcast promotion 101.

Live fish would have been even peculiarar-ish....maybe a squid or two...?

It would have been more believable if it had been that little known "Disney School for Ugly Mermaids who end up in Brazil". (But more likely is the Oroville Dam has a Dynamite secret, one that was killing the fish.)

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