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May 09, 2017


Man leaves pineapple in museum, people think it's art

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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And yet you release a bat a couple of times into an art museum and you get banned for life

Finally something the majority of 'art museum' go-ers can relate to.

It looks so real!

Considering I once had a picture of dogs playing poker up on my wall I'm probably not one to talk about fine art. However this pineapple was probably the best looking thing in the gallery. I've never understood the appeal of Picasso or some other "out there" artists.

Thank goodness they didn't copy < a href="https://3.imimg.com/data3/RJ/TL/MY-5802468/pineapple-slice-250x250.jpg:>this!

I plan to photoshop I mean serve this at my next event!

nursecindy: The opposite has been known to happen; a contemporary 'sculpture' of junk in binliners was purchased by MOMA for thousands of dollars, mistaken for trash by the janitor and thrown out in the alley.. So that 'artist' was literally 'out there'. More than one person wrote in to say it was a good thing, too.

Picasso has his points; his theory ( one of them) was that most people have a multiple image of someone in their head and he was trying to show it all at once, thus the two-eyes on one side of the head thing. He said he was inspired by Mickey Mouse cartoons and the way Mickeys ears always were flat on to the viewer, no matter which way the head turned. But he has a legion of untalented imitators.

Of course there was a big brouhaha when the political family named Dole found out.

God is the ultimate artist. As fo r "the breakdown of all life"?
Calvary. There's the hope if you will believe. Love

well if an unmade bed counts as art...

Unmade is when I'm sleeping or lounging, never like that, ha!

Guess I'm not so bad after all

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