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May 03, 2017


Tree service employee tried to push co-worker into wood chipper

(Thanks to Poker)


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I think HR might need to get involved.

Iverson was planning to claim he attempted to stop his co-worker from jumping into that wood chipper, but then he "just went to pieces." As in FARGO, that plan didn't work out.

He sure doesn't look like a very chipper fellow.

He just wanted hi to chip in.

Scott Edward Iverson ==>
Tis a converted sword

Everybody and everything is getting recycled nowdays.

If it weren't inappropriate I would say "send them to Washington!" , but of course I won't say that.

"Wanna have a grinder for lunch today, Fred?"

If hours are going to be cut, sometimes a little thinking outside the box will make having a roof over your head and meals every day.

In this case, the roof is a cell block and the food is a tad institutional.

"he was a chip off the old blockhead!"

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