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May 16, 2017


The filing made Thursday in General Sessions court, states that a permit had been issued to operate a church at 520 Lentz Ave in Madison, but instead the owners have been operating a sex club.


(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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You say tomato, I say sex club.

Hard to tell the difference in the cries of, "Oh God...".

For some reason people at the bar I go to think I am a religious figure. When I get into the bar they say: "Jesus, it's you again???"

Do they pray on their knees or in the missionary position?

"Six of one, Nine of another..."

Please note: Madison TENNESSEE.

NOT Wisconsin.

Well, it could be a religious experience.

But without protection (government and personal) you could pick up more than you bargained for.

I would point out that the phrase "Webster dictionary" is imprecise. The investigators should be punished severely.

Our Lady of Perpetual Horniness

“Be fruitful and multiply." At least they're holding off on "the fish of the sea and the birds of the sky, and every living thing that moves on the earth.”

Oh great. He's calling himself a General now?!?! Is Attorney General too long? Emperor complex?

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