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May 03, 2017


Friend flushes baseball fan's ashes down ballpark toilets across the nation

(Thanks to PirateBoy, Le Petomane and The Perts)


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I totally get this.

Two of the ash dispersal requests:
1. By drone over Central Park in NYC. I have never been there, but use of drones and disposal of cremains are both strictly prohibited. I suggested that my son carry his fake ID for the tickets.

2. Obtain a book from the Library of Congress and return it with some ashes sprinkled in the spine.

I also want to have some ashes scattered at the baseball and soccer fields where my sons played so no pitcher or goalkeeper parent ever has to stand alone.

Infield Fly Rule?

I've often seen men make ashes of themselves at ball games....

I would have went with the urinals at the ball parks. They never drain well and would have immortalized him.

I'm not too sure Roy Riegel had such a great friend if he flushed his ashes down sixteen different toilets. Myself, I want my ashes spread in the Wal-Mart store. That way my wife would visit my resting place often.

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