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May 08, 2017


Man has eel removed from body after prank went wrong and it swam up his anus

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

Note: We vaguely recall recently posting another item involving an eel up a guy's butt, but we are too lazy to check very busy so we're going to go ahead and post this. Just in case, judi will be fired. 


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They really need to add this scenario to the prep book for the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam.

There was another item like this, also in China, but this is definitely NOT that one. If you need reminding, in that one the guy deliberately inserted the eel in a futile hope to cure his constipation.

I saw Chinese Eel Syndrome open for Los Lobos.

Just fire her anyway. Why take any chances.

Most pranks are spontaneous. Who just happens to have a giant eel handy?...

At a remote camp in China workers notice the cook carrying a bucket containing a giant eel. One of the workers comments, "If you serve eel stew again we put eel where the sun never shine."
Then the cook made a reply he would shortly really, really, regret.

Judi - I hear you're (ahem) looking for new opportunities. I just saw this ad and thought you might be interested:
Wanted - Eel wrangler. Experience a plus, but not necessary. Flexible schedule, attractive benefits package. Must be willing to relocate, and handle rectal-type situations with utmost discretion (i.e, without smirking).
Interested applicants should send resume, references, and Eel pics to
M. Wriggly
Second People's Hospital of Yibin
(Motto: "Someday we'll be First)

After removal, the eel smoked a cigarette and held a press conference. Oh, And Justin Beiber tried to purchase the eel.

As I told the guy who came into the ER with a flashlight stuck up there, "That's an exit only ramp sir".

his "friends" did this? I think he needs new friends.

Now THAT could be called a Chinese Fire Drill.

Neither he nor the eel has as many friends as they used to.

nursecindy for Employee of the Month!

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