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May 07, 2017


A rolling bachelor party that started in the Twin Cities and was bound for the Kentucky Derby came unraveled not far down the road when the celebrants discovered a man’s body in an exterior compartment of their rented recreational vehicle.

(Thanks to Andrew Mendez and James Flynn)


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"Plan B included watching the Minnesota Wild game last night"

They need Plan C; the Wild's season ended 2 weeks ago.

Wanek said that he saw the body from the knees down — feet bare and with pants on — and described it as a man who "didn't look fresh. Let's put it that way."

The previous RV renter when he didn't pay up?

That's why I always check out the hotel room and/or RVs before I rent them!

Wasn't this story line on Longmire last year?

It's always a downer when a party-pooper turns up.

Bernie does Derby.

It's a dead man's party.
Who could ask for more?

Probably just a working stiff? Of corpse! But his being there was a grave error.

If stopped by police, pass it off casually, sort of like whistling past the graveyard. Nonchalantly hum:

"I ain't got no bo-ooody..."

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