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May 12, 2017


IHOP Waitress Threatened My Family With Steak Knife, Mom Says


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "Next stop:  Waffle House, followed by Chuck E. Cheese.")


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The only thing to do is get a machete and move to Florida.

International pancakes can be dangerous. Don't ever order the ISIS Platter.

I hear the airlines are hiring

But there are 559 flavors of syrup, and for that we fear not danger.

Maybe it was only a utensil suggestion.

Then again, IHOP may be jealous of all the publicity and scuffles that Waffle House and Denny's have received.

Off-topic: if I start marketing an exercise program based on hopping from one leg to the other, and I call it "I-Hop", will IHOP sue on trademark grounds?

Or a furry convention restricted to people in rabbit costumes?

Or a charity for kangaroos?

Waffle House, my political consulting business, collapsed under trademark infringement litigation.

That waitress would have a bright future if she worked for Chuck E. Cheese.

More coffee?

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