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May 02, 2017


Proposal ends in tears after woman gets bitten by venomous snake moments after getting engaged

If you guessed that this happened in Australia, you are correct.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I've heard that rain on your wedding day is a bad omen, so I'm betting this doesn't bode well in the happily ever after department.

Well I've heard of worse proposals.

The Yellow Faced Whip Snake is common throughout most of Australia, and is often confused with the Eastern Brown Snake.

Yeah, I get that. If a snake in Australia ever approached me, I don't think I would be looking too closely at its face to identify it. (Run away!!)

You may now hiss the bride.

They have snakes in Australia that are only MILDLY venomous. Who knew?

I'm betting this bodes a lot better for them than yesterday's Fenway Park marriage proposal.

She didn't see a snake on a concrete path? Was something distracting her?

Maybe my wife will finally stop getting on me for my lousy proposal ("I'm not leaving you! I'm proposing to you!" [chucks ring box]).

All she needed was to be kidnapped and imprisoned to be just like a fairy tale.

The marriage may be in jeopardy if the snake dies.

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