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May 06, 2017


Danish brewery 'beercycling' urine to make novelty beer

(Thanks to The Perts, Ron G., Stan Ruth, Ralph, Le Petomane, DaninDallas and Barry Nester)


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Beer that tastes like / comes from Urine?

Done that. America was FIRST!!!

If you read the blog regularly, you'll know which brand(s).

I'm fairly sure possession of urine based beer is a hanging offense in Texas.

Home brewing just got really scary.

Understand Danes take a lot of anti-depressants, so that beer may have an extra kick, or not.

So the beer is made from urine from a music festival – is it tested for heavy metals?

And some politicians think we should be more like Denmark.

"Novelty" is one word for it.

Hey, asparagus flavored beer!

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