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May 03, 2017


'I consider myself trans-species': Fantasy fan transforms himself into an ELF with £25,000 of plastic surgery including full body hair removal, skin bleaching and eye colouring

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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I consider him a whackjob.

You know... I'm not going to click on that. It's only Wednesday and I can't see throwing up for the next two days until the weekend.

Therapy would've been a lot cheaper.

He'll be accepted at Comic-Con conventions, but I would love being in a cowboy bar in Texas when he walks through the door.

Maybe he can get some gigs at Star Trek conventions as a Vulcan.

I'm with Clankie. There's no way I'm clicking on that link.

Equally as valid as those who think they can be neither sex.

I do wonder if you can 'trans' along to something that does not actually exist.

That "Elf" looks a lot like Steven Tyler of Arrowsmith.

Big 10" record, indeed.

is it possible to have too much freedom?

Today Philosophy Ponderings sponsored by Spock (You know him).

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