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May 19, 2017


Brazilian 'mermaids' ride quirky fashion wave

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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I have a similarly misunderstood obsession. Nobody appreciates me dressing as a cow-pie in the nearby prairie.

This is a mermaid. The skin is tan, the hair is blonde, and the tail is blue.

If you see other colors, you need more drugs in you!
--Brazilian Tourist Council

First the Bronies, now this.

What with the recent marine life humping, I wouldn't chance wearing it.

Merman! Merman!!!
D. Z.

All right. That was just nasty, and me with no eyewash in the house.

That's a little tail I don't want to catch.

This photo is almost as shocking as clicking and there's Manilow!

I like Ariel better.

Sick and wrong

And just down the beach you can find the EYE BLEACH kiosk, selling regular,strong and 'Oh My God Make It Go Away' strengths.

Seems fishy.

Jesus of the Sea!

Key words: "...others suggest he get psychological help."

He should really listen to others.

If I read this story before, does it qualify as a twice-told tail?

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