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May 13, 2017


A judge set bail Friday for an Elkhorn man accused of hiring prostitutes to bare their breasts and strip on his neighbor’s porch while he watched from his house across the street.

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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Soon we won't have any rights left at all.

It was a very revealing story.

The 75 Strippers of Omaha: 74 more than you thought Omaha had.

Alex, I'll take PEAKING PERVS for $500...

You try to help the neighborhood out by bringing entertainment for the block party and look what happens. Is it appreciated? No.

And I thought my neighbor was nuts!

If this dude was my neighbor, I'd buy him some beer and a pizza.

So, at least 75 visits, and the strippers were complaining that they didn't get paid by either party? You'd think that, after less than 75 times, the word would have gotten around in that community. Some sort of deadbeat blacklist, you know?

He has issues.

There deputies could have stopped it after the first few incidents, but felt they needed at least 75 surveillance opportunities to make a strong case. Plus, it took them at least a dozen visits to work out the rotation for who was bringing the pizza, beer, and lawn chairs.


We don't want to be too quick to judge. I think before making up our minds, we should review all the available video evidence

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