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May 03, 2017


Scooter driver uses cell phone as headlight, is stopped

(Thanks to ubetcha)


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Shouldn't he at least get points for ingenuity?

No duct tape? Kids today.

Whoa, was he trying to blind people or something?

This happened in one of Tom Bodett's "End of the Road" stories, but it was a couple guys with their car doors open and shining flashlights straight down to find their way through the fog.

In Michigan, this guy probably would hang his head out the window instead of clearing the snow from the windshield.

Will JD never let go of Sasha?

I would never try to use my cell phone as a headlight. It would make texting too difficult if your phone was bungied to your scooter. On second thought, maybe if you balanced your soda between your knees, and held your cheeseburger with one hand...

Cell phones are now an acceptable substitute for brains.

Clankie: For some it is an improvement!

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