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May 19, 2017


Man defecates on search warrant after arrest

(Thanks to Larry Carnahan)


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We're going to need a lot more Lysol (tm).

Thank you, sir. I know you said you were "being proactive", but that wasn't necessary. We already have a sample of your DNA.

Good to see that the suspect has been charged with driving on a revoked license in addition to, oh I don't know, attempted murder. Boy is he in trouble now.

The cops charged this guy with attempted murder, armed robbery and driving with a revoked license. They wanted to continue, but there doesn't seem to be any law against pooping on a legal document.
But in Texas I believe that is still a hanging offense.

Piled up the charges.

It seems rude to use someone else's search warrant for that particular purpose.

A groan and snark to manual tomato.

Smooth move.

If the fellow was a parrot and the New York Times editorial page was on the bottom of his cage, I could understand.

Sh!+ of habeus corpus.

So apparently he actually DID give a.......

I would have guessed Floriturd, I mean Florida.

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