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May 02, 2017


On May 27 I'll be talking with Richard Dawkins at the Olympia Theater.


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Where's he from...?

Be sure to tell him we all liked him when he used to host Family Feud!

Be careful Dave. That guy is a rabid atheist, and he bites all people he suspects of being some kind of believers.

" General Admission: $29 "

How much for NCO's ?

Wish I could be there! Will you two be talking about your new collaborations Peter and the Watchmaker, The Tricky Business of Reality, and Claw Your Way to the Top of Mount Improbable, perhaps with a guest appearance by The Selfish Gene Weingarten?

*Snork at Amoeba*

Wish I could be there too. Would love to hear Dawkins' thoughts on Walter The Christmas Miracle Dog. Plus get a simultaneous autograph on a copy of The Squirrel Delusion.

Actually, the collaboration will be "The Dave Delusion." Assuming he finds any reason to think Dave actually exists....

Tune in to next weeks show too, "The Dawkins Delusion" by a really, REALLY big mystery guest.

There are no truly new gags. Best version of this one was done decades ago by G.K. Chesterton. On hearing that there was a new book out by Grant Allen called "The Evolution of the Idea of God", GK said a more interesting book to read would be one by God called "The Evolution of the Idea of Grant Allen".

Is this being broadcast? I'd like to watch it.

I misread his name. I was thinking it was Corporal Newkirk from Hogan's Heroes, except he's still dead, I believe.

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