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May 11, 2017


Passengers at Kansas City International Airport say they recently have been asked to remove all paper products from their carry-ons while going through security screening checkpoints.

(Thanks to A.C.)


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Let me guess. A crack TSA screener got a paper cut once?

It's called paper view.

"Evacuate the airport! We have a passenger armed with a Guns and Ammo magazine."

This can't be a real book. The front cover is on the back. MUST CALL SWAT!

It's very easy to suspect everyone of everything when you can't or won't read.

Next everyone will be told to do the hokey pokey and turn themselves around.

So TSA is what . . . a bunch of rocks?

Follow the paper trail and the money...

including their tickets??

This is just a cruel TSA version of Simon Says.

For this we left St. Louis?

"Sir you are in possession of a paperback Carl Hiaasen novel. According to TSA rules we have to throw the book at you."

This is bad. God put his words on paper. Some people feel they must have it. Evangelists, missionaries, it's a "power play" ..A first step?

As a former TSA minion, I observed a disturbing phenomenon. As TSA has a very limited and pathetic mission, the folks who work there try to bolster their self esteem by trying to enforce every law they can think of even though they have absolutely no authority. My guess is some ambitious TSA employee decided they needed to look for excessive amounts of cash. It is paper after all. The problem with that is that the cash limits are for international flights only. You could carry around a briefcase that looks like something out of a kidnapping movie all day long. As far as looking for items between the sheets of paper goes, isn't that what the x-ray machines are for?

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