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May 02, 2017


A service in Oregon offers couples the opportunity to have well-dressed therapy llamas and alpacas attend their wedding.

(Thanks to funny man)


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Only in Oregon.

Can I take a therapy llama on my next flight to Hawaii? If I take United it could be an epic fight between the llama and their security service. I don't think that llama would allow without a fight to be dragged from the plane.

It's a little known fact, but the Llamas were the opening band for the Go-Go's and were background vocals for "We've got the bleat"

More proof that Oregon is the Floriduh of the NorthWest.

"If you bring the bouquet, alpaca lunch."

I keep telling Mrs. PirateBoy that my goal is to retire and eventually own two llamas: Dolly and Tony.

I'd like to try and teach both of them to say the word "como". As in "Como say llama".

Zonker Harris (from Doonesbury) would be proud.

"Joy said most weddings feature Rojo in a groom outfit and Napoleon as the bride."

Which couple is getting married?

Never draw up plans to expand your business while stoned.

Which is obviously what has happened here; 'dOOd! Check *this* idea out - it totally rocks...'

I want a therapy rhinoceros or maybe a therapy cheetah. That would be a fun time at the airport or wedding!

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