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May 16, 2017


Police chase steer through Tennessee Waffle House parking lot

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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"What can I get you, sir? Waffles?"

"Anything but a steerburger."

I think the steer might want to be free range

Didn't this already happen in Flathead County? Unbullievable.

The waffle and beef roundup? Don't think I'll try that...

"Where's the beef?"

(Steer charges Ms. Peller..)

"YIKES!! HELP ! HELP!" she yells, running away.

The headline is wrong. Should be "Police Steer Tennessee Waffle Through Parking Lot House Chase". It's a heart-warming story about a forlorn breakfast pastry in search of its mobile home.

If any steer tried hiding in a Waffle House parking lot that was even near a Texas steakhouse, it would never be seen again.

Home on the range?

The chickens were behind this.

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