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May 03, 2017


Fearless prairie dog taunts an alligator by SITTING on its head before dashing off when the reptile flinches

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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I saw Fearless Prairie Dogs open for 10cc.

I'm guessing the prairie dog is a Red Sox fan.

The H key was stuck.

Sir David Attenborough:
In an age-old ritual where prairie pups become prairie dogs, the initiate creeps up on a live alligator, climbs atop, and beats his chest. According to lore, he must remain upon the beast for 8 seconds to qualify. Observe this fellow to see how he fares ...

He's in the club.

Favorite story: It took Lewis and Clark and their team of explorers most of a day to catch one of what they called barking squirrels. Thomas Jefferson kept it as a pet.

Other fun fact: They make noise EXACTLY like the squeakers in dog toys.

I just watched the video. I am reasonably certain that that is a groundhog.

In the Colorado high country they have whistle pigs (marmots) which are all of the sciuridae family which includes groundhogs, prairie dogs and squirrels. I remember sampling an operating mine above timberline several years ago. The miners were replacing a huge copper radiator on an air compressor the marmots ate over the weekend. I learned previously they had eaten the tires and fan belts along with a 5 gallon pail of grease.
We also need faster alligators.

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