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May 18, 2017


Feliciamae Farrington, 36, of Harvey, Louisiana, was naked in the living room of the home on Big Pine Key when Deputy Richard Wang arrived and looked in the window, sheriff's spokeswoman Becky Herrin said.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Bill Hudgins and Allen at Division)


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Whatever happened to if you like the home you broke into and are living there naked you can keep the home and live there naked?

"I'm Deputy Richard Wang, but my friends just call me Dick."

"I have every right to be naked in my own home!"

"But this isn't your home. You're squatting."

"They're deep knee bends."

"Home on the Deranged", the new wacky Carl Hiaasen novel, is being shopped as we speak.

Am I the only one who wishes "Wheel of Fortune" on their next Florida week would have Hiaasen as one of the solutions, just so players have to purchase extra vowels AND pronounce his name correctly to have a shot.

"Farrington answered, still naked"

She spoke the naked truth

Talk about adverse possession.

Andrew Yancy returns home from another grueling day of working roach patrol to find a naked, vegetarian alcoholic ex-nun stocking kale into his fridge. Yep, Carl Hiaasen material for sure.

The story should have made it clear that the officer was responding to a complaint by the owner. As it is written, it looks at first like the sherrif's department just put their Wang in the window for no reason.

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