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May 09, 2017


NH driver stopped with fake registration sticker made from cheese wrapper

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I find that driving a car that is both safe and legal requires a different strategy from when the belts are showing on the tires and the registration is expired

When they originally named the state, Velveeta was the second favorite choice.

North Carolina used to have color stickers on the license plate. Every year when you renewed your license plate you'd get a different color sticker. One year they were black. One of my friend's husband decided to save money and colored his previous year's sticker with a black sharpie pen. It took the highway patrol 6 months before they caught him. It would have been cheaper to have just bought a new sticker.

I forgot to mention that the friends in the above comment were originally from Florida. NTTAWWT.

The bear story just below the 'fake sticker' story...much more interesting. He wanted those baking cookies!


Er..correction.,.the homeowner was baking brownies.

Even better.

It's New Hampshire – where there's a Hill, there's a whey.

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