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May 19, 2017


The world’s going to end in a massive earthquake on May 31

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I think it's a form of generational narcissism that convinces every generation that the world will end with them. Certainly anything truly important has to do with us and our times. Now get off of my lawn!

It's mean to make fun of sumo wrestlers on The Great Sittin' Down Day.

For some, a massive earthquake doesn't begin to explain how it ended.


I'm not sure we're that lucky.

(Said with a cynical view of our current state of affairs.)

What'a really an end-times sign is that somebody in the UK thinks that's classical music.

The Hadron collider is one slow bomb. It was first started back in 2008. But these entertaining bits about the world ending have been around for ages. All it takes, however, is for one such prophecy to be absolutely accurate...but who would know?
"Hey, Saint Peter, I really got one right for a change!"

Great. The world will end the one time I set up for autopsy for my ACA premium. If the world ends, I'm blaming Obama.

Dusting off an old hat from grad work many years ago, American and U.K. Religious history is littered with Great Disappointment moments, some of which have grown large health care systems and presidential candidates.

Maybe if we lived our lives as if we have to give an account for what we have done, sought to match the actions of our hands and feet with the words of our mouths and began to interpret the sacred writings in the bent of loving our neighbors, the end of the world would be less harrowing.

Autopay and not autopsy. I love autocorrect

Someone's been listening to REM on REPEAT alot.

But I feel fine....

Next one's on me, folks.

I wonder if Vegas is taking money on this ? I bet they are at least for people who want to bet that the earth will be destroyed that day. What actuary figures out the odds on that one ? (Not a whole lot of history to go on...) Heck, if any of you want to bet on earth ending that day, I'll bet you and give you 1000 to 1 odds.

@ LeDud-if someone wins that bet, how do they go about collecting?

NMUA, I'm glad you let us know it was autopay and not autopsy. I was beginning to worry about you!

@NUMA - it would not surprise me if medical insurance required an autopsy before coverage began.

@NC -- it's getting brighter. Real insurance starts soon
@Makh -- I think it counts towards your deductible and then is a copay if referred by two popes

Memorial Day is 2 days prior.. 1 day work week!

Define " massive ".

Le Pet, I'll be covering the bets in an undisclosed bunker in Bratislava.

Just the new freeway construction.

Only if I eat a burrito on May 3oth........

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