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May 04, 2017


Man attempting to destroy drugs accidentally burns down house in the process

(Thanks to Stan Ruth)


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I guess flushing them down the toilet didn't occur to this genius.

This is one dude who gave a new meaning to 'pyrrhic victory.'

It's okay though because now he has a new place to live.

oops - I hate when that happens.

@nursecindy, if he had a low-flow toilet, burning was probably his only option.

But usually one sets one's house on fire after ingesting the drugs.

Does Floriduh give out honorary citizenships?

"Bounty hunters took the man into custody, but it's unclear what he was wanted for."

Maybe drugs?

Uh-huh. Don't send this guy to throw out the baby's bathwater.

Le Petomane: Har!

His insurance settlement on the mansion should just about cover the 3 cups of coffee it took to sober him up.

Thanks for sharing.

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