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May 03, 2017


EATING breakfast cereal from a square bowl will make you feel fuller than eating the same amount from a round one, new research has found.


(Thanks to coscolo)


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Says the scientist who doesn't have to do the dishes. Maybe square with rounded corners.

Finally, this is resolved. I guess that's it for Cheerios now, though.

“Whilst I think a lot about what I'm eating for breakfast, I don't really think about how I eat it.
I never trust the opinions of people who use the word "whilst".

That explains why I had to eat 5 of those little single serving boxes to feel full.

Next project for science and marketing: Teaching America how to eat cereal through straws.

Advancing humankind or making new ways to make money?

I would like to see a study on why "scientists" do so many worthless, pointless studies....oh, they get paid big money? That explains it.

Huey Lewis told us it's hip to be square years ago.

I thought the equations for cereal capacitance were determined ages ago.

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