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May 16, 2017


Sebastian Man Urinates Inside Neighbor’s Mailbox

(Thanks to John Mayson)


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I saw The Crazy Neighbor open for Bad Beard at Floridafest '89.

Can I get a ruling from Mr. Language Person? Is that a really roomy mailbox or did they mean "Into Neighbor's Mailbox?"

Either he was very tall or an excellent shot.

Pee mail

Junk mail.

Time to install surveillance system or move. Retaliatory neighbors are no bueno.

As the marquis might say, some people consider that foreplay. Or special delivery.

Some years ago a man stuffed a live rattlesnake in a judge's mailbox in an attempt to whack him. It did put the judge in the hospital, but rattler bites are usually not fatal. It did, however, remove any possibility of leniency when the snake man got sentenced.
If Bender on a bender in Florida tried taking a leak on a rattlesnake in a mailbox, his story could have turned out very badly.

David Bender ==>
Bed nerd diva

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