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May 11, 2017


Golfer accidentally kills duck with powerful drive

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Reminds me of this Randy Johnson pitch

Fairway is fowled, and fowl is fare.

It must have been a wood duck.

Gotta play it as it lies

R.I.P. Daffy, but you chose poorly when you took up golf.

That was one nasty duck hook!

"For those who think this was intentional or fake, take off your foil hat and go make some friends."

But if I take off my foil hat, won't I be abducted by some Busty Aliens? Okay, I'll take off my hat....

Is it duck hunting season already?

It's wabbit season!

Dead-Looking Ducks opened for Donovan.

I'm kind of strict when it comes to rules, but I think I'd give the guy a Mulligan

Dave, you'll like this one. My buddy was off the fairway in the woods and had to hit a low shot out of there to get to the green. Just as hit hit it, a squirrel looked up from whatever mischief he was into and the ball caught him flush on the head. Poor thing was kicking his last kicks when we got to him.

A shotgun would've been so much easier.


FORE.... Dinner 😋!

Duck, duck, GOOSE!

A hole in one !

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