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May 01, 2017


...so far.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Key passage:

The pipe, Officer Martinez reported, smelled of marijuana and contained “burnt residue.”


She's sorry for stuffing the pipe in her Grand Prix.

I admire the cop for actually doing a small test on that pipe.

Isn't "Pipe in The P*sy" the long-awaited Ian Anderson./J.Tull comeback album/tour?

She was just a passenger, so technically not a motorist. She does not qualify for the Florida Motorist of the Week award. Somebody should be fired. We will have to keep looking.

But it's only Monday lunchtime, so we'll probably have something later in the week.

Or later today.

After recovering the pipe the officer 👮 noted the pipe was really hard to light so he pulled his lighter out of his bum.

Mama told me not to state spontaneously...
That ain't the way to have fun... Son.....

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