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May 08, 2017


A Fort Walton Beach man and his son were startled Friday morning when a neighbor’s car backed into their living room.

The driver blamed her flip-flops.

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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I don't think tow truck drivers are one of the Big Five to have confidentiality. It might just be a matter of Florida setting a new standard for vehicle extrication being seen as an extension of medical patient/doctor.

She was wearing flip-flops, but said the early morning hour and the fact that she was just getting over the flu may have been factors.

Let's also not rule out just being an idiot.

Parking must be tight there.

I blame the Frenchman who originally invented rubber beach sandals.

I refer, of course, to Mssr. Felipe Feloppe.

(My son's coming home this week, have to brush up on the Dad jokes.)

.... his son was in the kitchen eating cereal about 20 feet away from the point of impact.
Snap, crackle, BAM!!
Good one padraig.

Not being from Florida, I have to ask. If you do something incredibly stupid with a motor vehicle in Florida do you get points added to or subtracted from your license with each event?

Once again, Florida police and highway Patrolpersons are very helpful and friendly, most of the time.

Based on my personal experience.

The car, a Ford Freestyle, crashed..


The driver, who lives across the street, said her foot slipped off the brake and became stuck...

She lived across the street! Very neighborly!

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