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May 12, 2017


New Brunswick had to give Ottawa a geography lesson — Twitter-style — after a federal agency mistakenly put the famous Hopewell Rocks, and possibly the entire Bay of Fundy, in Nova Scotia.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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In the US, the reaction would have been denial, followed by sending rabid supporters with flags, trucks, and firearms to oppose or support the geographic reaffirmation

But at least we don't have socialized medicine

Don't feel bad Ottawa. I don't have any sense of direction either. Every year my family and I go to Myrtle Beach, SC for our vacation and until I got a GPS I got lost in Florence, SC every time. Even when I was following someone.

Bay of Fundy? That's near Butte, Montana, right?

This was the Canadian Feds, not the American Feds.

Most of "our guys" think Canada is somewhere near France.

One must feel sorry for Nova Scotia losing it's rocks and the entire bay of Fundy due to a government snafu. What was surprising was finding out from wonderer2575 that the Bay of Fundy was near Butte, Montana. Who knew Nova Scotia was so big?

They made a Fundymental error.

I shall be there in just over a month -- really -- and will try to settle the matter.

funny man: Canada IS somewhere near France. The ferry ride is under an hour.

Butte, Montana I hear is on the map with a sprained right ankle..

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