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May 06, 2017


Talking to yourself out loud helps boost brainpower and could indicate higher intelligence

(Thanks to coscolo, who says "Really? [But not out loud].)


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28 people. Or 14 including their inner voice?

We asked an employee read her job duties out loud and she hit herself in the head with a sprinkler.

The "fashionable" new trend: Multiple personalities?

"if you like the voices in your head, you can keep them"--a member of the new Trump cabinet, discussing the AHCA.

Not long ago I was shopping in WalMart and this disheveled guy kept yacking loudly while going down aisles looking at things. I thought nothing of it as many people talk on a cell while shopping. Then when he came by me. I noticed he didn't have a cellphone. I worked too many years in a state mental hospital to believe this dude was a rocket scientist.

FOund this article.

Second voice: "Who asked you?"

Third voice:"Shuddup!"

(I think I have one smart guy and two or more stooges talking to me...)

Can you hear me now?

If a person hears voices in their head, can one claim tax deductions for that?

And mama said, talk nice to yourself, because you are listening.

If a person speaks out loud to themselves, but no else hears it, are they still of sound mind?

I always talk to myself, that way I know I'll get an intelligent answer. Most likely not the correct answer, but an intelligent answer.

When crazies write for science journals.

I believe it was W.C. Fields who said "I talk to myself for two reasons. I enjoy talking to intelligent people, and I enjoy listening to them."

The key word is "could".

Just like hat magazine sweepstakes Ed McMahon used to promote. You 'could' be a winner. But of course you could not be, which happens more often. Learn from life, folks.

Does talking to the dog count?

@Jan - I would be worried if the dog talks back.

I work alone and often talk to myself out loud to keep tasks straight. That's OK. I also live alone, me and the dog and talk out loud to both of us. When I answered for the dog, I knew I needed a date.

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