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May 19, 2017


Journalists’ brains operate at below average due to excessive booze and caffeine: study

(Thanks to The Perts)


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That explains a lot. I mean a WHOLE LOT! When I add the booze factor into all the journalism I have read, now I finally have some small amount of understanding.

Lol.Funny. Actually that could be anybody.

This again was the British Press Club, not the 'Murican gene pool.

It almost explains the Sun and Daily Mail. Almost.

Explains my local newspaper

Explains the Post. I expect that editors are sort of permanently sloshed and hyper. Grammer? Shessh at home.

I know many older or retired editors look at what is being printed these days and decide they won't have more drinks, just use larger glasses.

Does this apply if you just *thought* about becoming a journalist?

SO? When I worked for The Kansas City Star, the first thing I learned was where the reporter's bar was. (Obviously it was within walking/stumbling distance of the paper.)

Explains fake news. I have heard that journos call making stuff up to meet a deadline "covering the story from Mahogany Ridge".

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