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May 03, 2017


An Alabama woman was arrested Tuesday after she was witnessed stomping out the windshield of her allegedly cheating boyfriend’s car.

(Thanks to Rick Day and Allen at Division)


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This was the answer to her prayers? I wonder who she was on the phone with -- God?

In that case, ma'am, you are free to go.

Is there a problem, officer?

As Jeff wisely advises, "Women:don't mess with them."

God is *VERY* specific these days...

"Hell hath no fury as the women scorned." Exhibit #23298574436

She did this all wrong. First you stomp on the windshield then you go to confession and get absolved. I figure this is worth about five "Our Father's". This comment is probably going to cost me about six "Our Father's".

nursecindy; what is the $ figure on an Our Father, if you get somebody to do them for you?

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