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May 17, 2017


Leeds police hunt 'giant penis' costume man after assault

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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Quite a fun lineup in store for this case.

Those terrorist bastards!

If this had happened in D.C. , they'd never be able find him.

I've got three questions;
1-How could anyone not recognize the costumed suspect?
2-How could he run (or even walk) in that costume?
3-Where's the Vagina Patrol?

Also, "Giant Penis Costume Man" WBAGNF--no, wait. No, it wouldn't.

I'm delighted to report the city of my birth is as upstanding as ever.

Who would of made such a costume?

He was later apprehended at a meeting of the Bar Association

Even without the costume, he would still be a dick.

All indicators of preliminary results from DNA found at the crime scene point to David Crosby's penis being implicitly involved.

Very rarely if ever have police issued a BOLO for a giant cock. And if you are assaulted by a giant cock,
it's attempted rape, right?

Big trouble for a big prick!

Could the perp also be charged with cockfighting?

He was described as "having a shaved head". Of course!

Dispatch: Adam 12, be on the lookout for a man in a giant penis costume.

Adam 12: Come again, Dispatch?

Dispatch: Not that we are aware of, Adam 12.

Does anyone have costume envy??

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